The World Karate Confederation (WKC) was founded by a small group of karate enthusiasts on the 4th May 1996 in Frankfurt/M, Germany.

Why is the WKC necessary and is there room for another World Karate Body?

ko smo miThe existing International Karate Organizations are either pure style federations or multi-style groups which accept only one federation per country. Therefore many federations and associations are left outside of the International Karate world.

WKC offers an important option for such groups in which all the different styles and federations can join a World body and fraternity, without having to compromise their style or size. In order that there are opportunities for all, the WKC accepts more than one federation or association per country.

“The purpose of WKC is to regulate, spread and foster Karate in the world from an educational, cultural and sports point of view by promoting Karate ethics, technical seminars, championships and all that is necessary to encourage the spreading of Karate-Do all over the world and to promote friendly and beneficial relations between its members.” (WKC Statutes, Article 1.4)
Membership criteria

Any non-profit and non-political Karate federations, associations and other such groups may be members of the WKC. However, they must have legal status, a democratic structure and comply with the aims and purpose of the WKC.

The WKC does not judge, or interfere with the internal structures or politics of its members. The WKC accepts all federations who comply with WKC Rules and treats all members with equal respect.

WKC has member federations in all five continents.